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The team comprises experts in Rotating and Reciprocating Machinery Dynamics and conversant to Finite Element based validation software , ISO certified Category IV vibration analyst , We have a huge data bank of case histories and failure modes which can be quickly corelated to your machinery problems . The team members are serving in very enticing positions in turbo machinery field. . Our team members own 4 Patents in machinery dynamics . Our team members have hugely collaborated in fraternity of Turbomachinery by presenting numerous papers at various journals and conferences of global repute.

Here our quarterly magazine in pdf. Our quarterly magazine "Spectrum".

Please click here to download the magazine/ Technical Reference Database.

We’ve gathered decades of experience supporting rotating machinery in one location to share our expertise and expand the overall knowledge of the rotating machinery industry.

These technical publications are originally released through technical brief or published in leading technical conferences as written by technical associates of SUMISOL. Our experienced staff who would be happy to answer any questions or provide additional information. As SUMISOL continues to support our customers and encounter unique rotating machinery engineering problems, we will expand this database to share our engineered solutions. If you have a question about a specific piece of rotating machinery or a persistent issue, we can support. Our internal Key Performance indicator is responding to queries within 48 hours.

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Our Services

Paid Services

Technical support

  • 1. Review of Rotor-dynamic analysis report created by OEM
  • 2. Review of Machinery Vibration issues
  • 3. Support to Design Audit


  • 1. Intermediate skill set development on site skills
  • 2. Custom tailored intermediate and advance courses on Rotor-dynamics and Machinery Vibration .
  • 3. Custom tailored simplified study materials with less or no complex maths .
  • 4. Online Support to Final Year Engineering students to understand machinery dynamics concepts

Specialization / Application

  • 1. High speed Turbomachinery
  • 2. Horizontal and Vertical Pumps and auxiliaries.
  • 3. Gear Boxes
  • 4. Reciprocating machinery dynamics