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The team comprises experts in Rotating and Reciprocating Machinery Dynamics and conversant to Finite Element based validation software , ISO certified Category IV vibration analyst , We have a huge data bank of case histories and failure modes which can be quickly corelated to your machinery problems . The team members are serving in very enticing positions in turbo machinery field. . Our team members own 4 Patents in machinery dynamics . Our team members have hugely collaborated in fraternity of Turbomachinery by presenting numerous papers at various journals and conferences of global repute .

Here our quarterly magazine in pdf. Our quarterly magazine "Spectrum".

Please click here to download the magazine.

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Our Services

Paid Services

Technical support

  • 1. Review of Rotor-dynamic analysis report created by OEM
  • 2. Review of Machinery Vibration issues
  • 3. Support to Design Audit


  • 1. Intermediate skill set development on site skills
  • 2. Custom tailored intermediate and advance courses on Rotor-dynamics and Machinery Vibration .
  • 3. Custom tailored simplified study materials with less or no complex maths .
  • 4. Online Support to Final Year Engineering students to understand machinery dynamics concepts

Specialization / Application

  • 1. High speed Turbomachinery
  • 2. Horizontal and Vertical Pumps and auxiliaries.
  • 3. Gear Boxes
  • 4. Reciprocating machinery dynamics