Footprint estimation of Centrifugal Compressors

compressor footprint

Compressors are widely used in industries to transport fluids. There are many types of compressors in industry, thus a proper selection is needed to fulfil the typical necessity of each industry. Foot print of compressor is very important from techno-economic point of view.
Rotary equipment is used for high volume flow where the discharge pressure is not too high, while the reciprocating compressors are required for high pressures. Besides volumetric flow rate, there are also many parameters to be considered, which are shown in spreadsheet format with step-wise calculation.

This excel sheet has covered the selection and sizing method of compressor used in the typical processing industries. The sheet helps engineers to understand basic design and sizing. All the important parameters used in this spreadhseet are visible to the users in the formula bar, which will help the user to understand how the parameters are used.
Download a user friendly speadsheet for calculating centrifugal compressor footprint here.

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